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* The site refers to male and female alike.

How to order from the site ?
I do not know how to make a reservation through the website ? This article is for you , please free your favorite product , you can search through the site's search engine .

In the catalog you can select items and add them into your personal Shopping Cart
After completion of adding items to your personal shopping cart , you can update the quantity of the items you ordered, continue to buy , delete an item from the cart .
Once you confirm your Shopping Cart you can click on the " Shopping Cart "
After clicking on the " Shopping Cart " will take you to a summary order and let the details of the products you ordered and the delivery details , please Blessed are the details and read carefully policy of the site.
After reading the policy , please press the button " payment " and let's you will pay for it the moment you made the reservation .
Each question you're welcome to contact our customer service by email @
Is it safe to buy through the site ?
The answer is definitely yes .
We gallery Orit Kutahya invest most measures at the market today to ensure you a delightful shopping and security,
We undertake not to transfer any detail of customers each side or causes it . And use the credit card details for purchasing process only credit card company . Credit card details are not retained on the company servers , now all credit card transactions moved to the new standard PCI- this method of payment of the reservation is done directly at the terminals of the credit card companies so credit details are not retained in the company.
Any questions or need information systems staff of the company will be happy to assist you .
You can contact us through the contact form .

Can I cancel an order ?

If for any reason the decision to cancel the order please send us an email to @
Very important to do this as soon as possible , before the product is produced specifically for you.
Any questions or need customer service team will be happy to be at your gallery .
You can contact us through the contact form .

When am I supposed to get my shipment ?

Delivery of products to buyers is performed by means of messenger or by registered mail , delivery time frame promised sale.
The amount of shipping charges will appear at the end of the booking process under the chosen products customers purchase and will be charged when booking. In the case of trade payments , shipping fees may be collected as part of the first payment .
Courier shipments will be made via prior arrangement , before bringing the product. The Company undertakes packing and shipping out the orders within two days destination. Orders will be sent via courier company that provides most of the country within two or three business days .
Shipping by registered post - time mail forwarding depends on Israel . But their engagement here 14 days at the most.
If the delivery address is in the communities to which the Apostles company does not reach , the order will be sent by registered mail .
The Company can not take responsibility for delays of various shipping companies , but we will at your disposal to solve any problem .
Option of ordering products on restricted areas in accordance with the regional distribution map of Israel Post or UPS . The Company may - but not obligated - to provide the service well beyond the areas of distribution, by appointment . So even if such an invitation was received and recorded in the computer site , you will not have to now sated .
Delivery dates listed above do not apply to products sold out .
Products ordered will be provided after completion of the purchase process , provided that the absorption of a temporary order was made within the transaction as defined specific product page , on condition that the client valid credit card can be charged in Israel , provided that the credit card company that issued it approved the deal done.

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