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Terms and Privacy

Terms gallery 

:These rules are defined terms shall have the following meaning 
Gallery Orit Kutai 
Website - Website 
Jewelry - jewelry listed on the site and offered for sale 
Time for delivery of goods: 
Registered mail shipping goods: up to 14 business days, depending on the Israeli post 
Courier Mail: up to 2-3 business days from time of booking 
Day supply of the goods - the day the goods are delivered to the desired destination by client 
Mailing Address - The address which was registered by the Customer on the Order Form Orders shipping address. 
When requested to supply the goods - the date which is recorded by inviting the date on which it prefers to deliver her the goods. 
Day of booking - the day the transaction was approved by the credit card company fueled inviting. 
Business days are weekdays, Monday through Friday, excluding Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and the intermediate. 
The site serves as a virtual store to sell jewelry and art designers and Miovoanim imported and is owned by us and managed by it. 
Any question and / or use and / or clarification, please contact customer service directly to the gallery Email @ or telephone number 03-6836301. 
Everywhere these regulations used in the feminine, referring to either a male. 
This code is the legal basis for reservations and surfing and is only regulates the relationship between us and the user of the Site and / or the Customer through the website. 
All executive booking and / or purchase through the website states that with the operation, she called regulations, and that it agrees to all the provisions and terms of this code, and that will not be her or anyone on its behalf any claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Site and / or gallery and / or site management and / or gallery and / or its directors and / or employees, with respect to the provisions and conditions of these regulations. 
The gallery reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time in its sole discretion, without requiring notice and / or prior notice. 
Product prices include VAT by law. 
Gallery's computer records only on actions undertaken through the site will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of operations. 
Product images shown on the site are for illustration purposes only and do not require all the site administration. It is also agreed and clarified that the gallery will endeavor to make the best of its ability to present its customers the most accurate pictures. 
Gallery is committed to maintain an inventory of all models whose photographs appear on the site. 
The gallery is doing its best to make sure that the information shown is complete information and the most accurate, but clarified that it may occur in good faith, inaccuracies or errors and Gallery will not be liable whatsoever resulting therefrom, or associated with them. 
All prices on listed on the products and are denominated in NIS. Prices include VAT, if it falls under the law, and do not include shipping. 
Site management may revise the prices of the products on the site and the shipping rates from time to time without prior notice. Valid price relative order placed is the price published when you have completed the booking process (which includes the delivery of credit card information). If updated prices before ordering process completed, you will be taken by the updated prices. 
Site Management Site may offer great benefits and discounts. Site management may at any time terminate promotions, benefits and discounts these to replace them or change them, without having to give any prior notice. 
Terms and conditions apply to the use of the Website and the services contained therein via any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, PDA, etc.). They also apply to the use of the site either over the Internet or through any network or other media. 
Registration gallery and making reservations through the website 
Purchase of goods by the customer will be registered by filling out the order form provided on the website. Note that filling all the details is a prerequisite for the booking. 
Site management will not do any use customer information, except in accordance with the privacy policy of the website and is an integral part of the conditions of use and purchase. 
To ensure the booking efficiently and smoothly, ensure the delivery of all information required to pinpoint. If when you order will be delivered to incorrect information, the gallery can not guarantee that the products reach their destination. In case the products are returned to gallery because of wrong details, the customer will be charged a fee in respect of shipping and handling. Be sure to fill in information accurate and current. 
With the booking by the client, make us a test of the credit card authorization and order by credit card companies, sent a message that a client transaction was authorized. 
Order information as fed customer order form and registration Gallery computers transaction will constitute conclusive and final vision right through to operation. 
In the event that the transaction has not been approved by the credit card company, you will performs an announcement and it will be required to provide other means of payment. 
Conditional approval of the acquisition operation that product is in stock at the time of delivery requested us and / or time of booking. But if it is not specified that the product is not in stock and the product did not download from the site until the time of booking, there will be gallery is committed to selling the product, and the purchaser shall have no claim and / or claim in this regard for any kind of damage, from any direct or indirect damage which caused to the Purchaser and / or a third party. The above is subject to the management of the site respond to the customer any amount paid when actually paid to gallery and / or cancel the billing us when done. It must be emphasized and made clear that there may be situations where, despite a featured item in stock, it does not actually in stock and can deliver it - in these situations the transaction will be canceled and the client will not be claimed in connection therewith subject to recovery of the amount paid by the customer gallery. 
Each customer will be entitled to order a product and choose a target for delivery and this by updating desired destination on the order form - but the final destination for delivery to be updated by the client will be stored in the gallery client's desired destination. 
Note that the gallery will be entitled not to accept an invitation to the customer for any reason and in its sole discretion as cases where: 
If when registering on the site were delivered intentionally incorrect information 
If you performed an act or omission that is or may damage the site or the site administration, or any third parties, including customers, employees and suppliers of the site management 
If the site services were used for an act which appears to be illegal on the - under the laws of the State of Israel or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the commission of such an act 
If you violated the terms of this Agreement, the terms of the documents that require or the terms of any other online service website offer 
If there is a gallery or debt funds and debt is not paid, even though the deadline for payment 
If the credit card to the customer is blocked or restricted in any way 
Once submitted the information, documents that require approved and given the customer's consent to the terms of use and privacy policy, the site management is entitled, but not obligated, to view or send client updates via a website or by email. Including content updates, information on services and products as well as products and services of others, operations, innovations on the site, as defined in the Section 30 a. Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) - 1982. 
Once you have entered payment details on the payment page, you will receive by e-mail on receiving details of your order. Please note that this approval does not require the administration of the site to provide the products, and is only indicative absorbed in the details of the booking site management. 
If it turns out the customer's credit card is invalid, or the credit card company does not respect the deal, or company PayPal (or any e-wallet service is available else) does not honor the charge, or a specific product is in stock not held by the company, the site management will contact the customer to complete the transaction or cancellation. 
If you pay via PayPal you will be prompted to enter account information PayPal account existing site or you can choose to open a PayPal account quickly. Please note, if you decide to pay by PayPal account, you can collect the gallery payment for the products only after receiving confirmation PayPal. The use and receipt of the approval is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy PayPal, and not of the site. 
Under the laws of the site, receiving a gift in the operation is limited to one item to the customer 
Cancel Transaction and Product Return Policy 
In this section is subject to the Consumer Protection Act 1981 (the law) 
All credits will be transferred to the credit card provided the booking is made, and according to the timetable of the credit card company. 
It is clarified that the refund will not be granted in respect of goods not paid for which financial remuneration, such as promotions or gifts. 

Delivery and Shipping 
Delivery of products to buyers is performed by means of messenger or by registered mail, delivery time frame promised sale. 
The amount of shipping charges will appear at the end of the booking process under the chosen products customers purchase and will be charged when booking. In the case of trade payments, shipping fees may be collected as part of the first payment. 
Courier shipments will be made via prior arrangement, before bringing the product. The Company undertakes packing and shipping out the orders within two days destination. Orders will be sent via courier company that provides most of the country within two or three business days. 
Shipping by registered post - time mail forwarding depends on Israel. But their engagement here 14 days at the most. 
If the delivery address is in the communities to which the Apostles company does not reach, the order will be sent by registered mail. 
The Company can not take responsibility for delays of various shipping companies, but we will at your disposal to solve any problem. 
Option of ordering products on restricted areas in accordance with the regional distribution map of Israel Post or UPS. The Company may - but not obligated - to provide the service well beyond the areas of distribution, by appointment. So even if such an invitation was received and recorded in the computer site, you will not have to now sated. 
Delivery dates listed above do not apply to products sold out. 
Products ordered will be provided after completion of the purchase process, provided that the absorption of a temporary order was made within the transaction as defined specific product page, on condition that the client valid credit card can be charged in Israel, provided that the credit card company that issued it approved the deal done.

Site System,